The 2019 “Friends for the Cure” fundraiser was another outstanding success.

The 19th annual event, under the theme “Une Soirée à Paris”, raised $120,000 in aid of the Montreal General Hospital’s Peri-Operative Program, which provides crucial cancer care.

One of the evening’s highlights was the testimonial of André Bergeron, a patient who meticulously followed POP’s program for a year, and who’s now cancer-free. He talked about how he’s a changed man as a result of the program, that being a POP patient helped him in a way he never imagined. His wife Cathy, a double leg amputee who snowboards, is his caregiver and joined him on stage, accompanied by her guide dog. She wowed the crowd with her testimonial, speaking at length about how POP saved her husband’s life and how their marriage is stronger than ever. They both thanked the over 900 guests in attendance, stressing that these events are vital.

Dr. Franco Carli, who co-founded POP, spoke briefly before turning the microphone over to Mr. Bergeron. Among his first words when he arrived on the stage, “family… we are family”, also thanked those in attendance as well as his wonderful staff, and then proceeded to invite his colleagues onto the stage. He pointed out if it weren’t for this event, POP’s work would be severely curtailed.

The evening’s co-honorary presidents were Dr. Lorenzo Ferri, MUHC Director of the Division of Thoracic Surgery & Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer and his wife Alison Breene. Dr. Ferri talked about the vital importance of POP, how it’s a rare program that’s proving very fruitful in the world of medicine.

As well, the evening’s special guest was Catherine Feuillet, France’s Consul General in Montreal. She also addressed the crowd, saying there are no barriers to solving medical mysteries and hopefully, one day, cancer will be eradicated once and for all.

The spectacular reception included a sports memorabilia auction and a raffle, which featured a trip to Italy and a trip to Greece as its grand prizes.

The members of “Friends for the Cure” thank all supporters wholeheartedly and eagerly look forward to the 20th annual fundraiser.